Kneeling T-Spine Twist

Beginner Level of Difficulty

The kneeling t-spine twist is a mobility exercise that helps open up and increase mobility of the thoracic spine.


Picture of Back (middle)

Back (middle)

Middle back muscles are very important as they help to support and strengthen the core muscles at the front of your body.

Picture of Back (upper)

Back (upper)

You can’t see your back without a lot of effort, but this doesn't mean you shouldn’t train it. Back exercises consisting of both back stretching and back strengthening is very important to your health and overcoming back pain.

Exercise Instructions

kneeling t-spine twist - step 1

Step 1

Start in a kneeling position and place one hand behind your head and the other hand on the floor.

kneeling t-spine twist - step 2

Step 2

Sit back on your heels, point your elbow towards your opposite knee and then rotate outwards and try to look over your shoulder.

kneeling t-spine twist - step 3

Step 3

Lower your elbow back down towards your opposite knee controlling the motion through the entire range of motion.