Bosu Band Row

Beginner Level of Difficulty

The Bosu band row is a beginner level exercise that targets the legs, back and arms. This exercise is suitable for all fitness levels.


Picture of Back (middle)

Back (middle)

Middle back muscles are very important as they help to support and strengthen the core muscles at the front of your body.

Picture of Biceps


Biceps are the pair of muscles on the front of the upper arm connecting the shoulder to the elbow. Your biceps are used in everything from turning a doorknob to lifting heavy items. Strengthening your biceps can greatly reduce the "flabby arms" look.

Equipment Used

Picture of Exercise Band

Exercise Band

The exercise band is used in resistance training. The bands comes in a variety of colours depending on the amount of tension they offer. The exercise bands give constant resistance throughout the entire range of motion during an exercise and cause less stress on the joints.

Picture of Bosu


The BOSU balance trainer stands for "Both Sides Utilized" and is most often used for balance training, various athletic drills and aerobic activities.

Exercise Instructions

bosu band row - step 1

Step 1

Start in a standing position on the Bosu while holding the exercise band in both hands.

bosu band row - step 2

Step 2

Keep a slight bend in your knees and your back straight as your pull the band to your ribcage.

bosu band row - step 3

Step 3

Return the band to the starting position making sure to fully extend your elbows between each repetition.