Fit Mom Around The World

Beginner Level of Difficulty

The around the world shoulder rotation exercise targets all the shoulder and rotator cuff muscles. This is a great warm-up exercise to improve mobility and help increase range of motion.


Picture of Shoulders


The shoulder is the most movable joint in the body. However, it is an unstable joint because of the range of motion allowed. This instability increases the likelihood of joint injury, often leading to a degenerative process in which tissues break down and no longer function well.

Equipment Used

Picture of Weight Plate

Weight Plate

A weight plate is a single solid piece of metal without rotating parts. Weight plates typically range between 1lb and 55lb. A bumper plate is a weight plate that is coated in rubber so that it can be dropped on the floor safely during exercises like the deadlift, snatch and jerk.

Exercise Instructions

fit mom around the world - step 1

Step 1

Start in a standing position with your feet under your hips. Keep a soft bend in your knees and hold the weight plate at the sides.

fit mom around the world - step 2

Step 2

Lift the plate over your shoulder and around the back of your head. Try to get as far back as you comfortably can and all the way around the opposite shoulder.

fit mom around the world - step 3

Step 3

Complete the recommended number of reps going one direction and then match that number on the other side.