Fit Mom Band Pull Down

Beginner Level of Difficulty

The band pull down is an upper body exercise that targets the back and arms.


Picture of Back (middle)

Back (middle)

Middle back muscles are very important as they help to support and strengthen the core muscles at the front of your body.

Picture of Triceps


Triceps are an often forgotten muscle group. Triceps are located on the opposite side of the biceps at the back of the upper arm. Well strengthened and defined triceps make the arm look bigger and sleeker (reducing the "flabby arm" look).

Equipment Used

Picture of Resistance Band

Resistance Band


Exercise Instructions

fit mom band pull down - step 1

Step 1

Start in a standing position while holding an exercise band in each hand.

fit mom band pull down - step 2

Step 2

Keep your arms straight and and your back flat as you pull your arms down to your hips.

fit mom band pull down - step 3

Step 3

Raise your arms back up to the starting position with full control.