1st Bench Press Competition

October 19 2015

I competed in my 1st bench press competition at the BCPA (British Columbia Powerlifting Association) Fall Classic in Abbotsford, BC this weekend. I was hoping to do the full meet, which includes the squat, bench and deadlift but I tweaked my back a few weeks ago so thought I'd be safe and switch over to the bench press only competition.

Like most dudes I've been benching since I was in high school but had to really work on my technique the last few monsth because in a competition you have to pause for a second at the bottom of the press and show full control before getting the cue to press the bar back up.

I had a pretty good idea of the numbers I wanted to hit and felt really good in the weeks leading up to the meet but played it a bit conservative because I wanted to make sure I got all three attempts. I opened with 231lbs, my second attempt was 242lbs and my last (and new competiton PR) was 253.5lbs (115kg) which got me 2nd place in my weight class. I was really excited to get this first meet out of the way and will be shooting for 275 next time out!

Article by (Train Online)  |  October 19 2015

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