6 Great Reasons To Exercise

June 22 2009

Do yo need a little extra motivation to help get you in shape this Summer? Well while you're sweating away on the treadmill striving for that bikini body remember that there are a few other really great perks that you will get from following an exercise program.  Here are a few!

1. Reduces your risk for developing cancers of the colon, breast and prostate.

2. Lowers the likelihood of developing heart disease.  Exercise helps prevent plaque buildup and increases the resiliency of arteries as you age.

3. Helps to prevent diabetes by shaving off excess body weight, lowering blood sugar levels and boosting sensitivity to insulin.

4. May limit and even reduce knee and back problems by helping to control weight.

5. Fends off bone loss.  Weight-bearing exercises like walking, jogging and strength training are all known to increase bone strength and density.

6. Helps to lift your spirits by releasing mood elevating hormones and relieving stress!

Article by (Train Online)  |  June 22 2009

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