Another Great Marketing Scam

January 30 2010

                              Reebok Women's Easy Tone  
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk on a couple of upside down miniature Bosu's? Well now you can find out with Reebok's revolutionary new shoe called the EasyTone walking shoe! Reebok claims these innovative new shoes will help you achieve a firmer butt and leaner legs by "increasing foot and ankle instability" and forcing you to activate deeper muscle fibers while you're walking. 

Skechers has also launched a similar shoe line called Shape-Ups. The "Shape-Up" walking shoe has a rounded sole and claims that it too can help tone leg muscles, promote weight loss and improve posture.

Now these shoes might sound pretty cool and totally cutting edge but if you ask me, they're just a big, corporate marketing scam and it blows me away how gullible consumers can be sometimes!  I mean, check out this incredibly cheesy ad that Reebok launched to promote the new shoes! Could they have found a scrawnier spokesmodel?  And why do they keep panning the camera over to her non-existent, flat butt!? Maybe she should take her own advice and start hitting the streets in those EasyTone walking shoes, it might help her get some better muscle tone!

Article by (Train Online)  |  January 30 2010

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