Cajun Buffalo Burgers

July 28 2009

Since it's another scorching hot day in Vancouver, B.C. I figured I'd post up another great barbeque recipe that I tried out last night.  For all you meat lovers out there, I made some barbecued Buffalo Burgers and they turned out absolutely perfect!  I didn't really follow a recipe or anything, I picked up some fresh ground buffalo, onions and peppers at the local grocery and then just kind of mixed in a few other things that I had at home already.


Cajun Buffalo Burgers


approx. 1-2 lbs. of ground buffalo
approx. 1/3 cup of chopped yellow onion
approx. 2 T chopped jalepeno peppers
approx. 2 T chopped garlic
approx. 1/2 cup of rolled oats
2 egg whites
2 T of Lea & Perrins worcestershire sauce
a pinch of brown sugar 
cayenne pepper 
black pepper 
and lot's of cajun spice!


Mix all of the above ingredients together and then shape them into individual burgers.  You should be able to get 4-6 depending on how big you make each one.  You can have the burgers on toasted buns or with out.  I had mine without the buns but did have some grilled onions on them and they were so good!

Also, have a look at this article from epicurious about the top 12 Best Burgers in America recommended by the nation's top restaurant critics. It's a quick read, it features some unbelievably tasty looking burgers and it might come in handy if you're traveling through the United States and are in need of a really good burger!

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