CBC Culture Days

October 03 2011

I was part of a really fun kettlebell demonstration last Friday. A few friends and I were invited to do a “fitness segment” for the CBC Live event, Kick Off to Culture Days which was held at the CBC building in Vancouver. There was a huge stage set up outside in the middle of the street and there were a bunch of different CBC shows being featured live throughout the day. 

Before we went on we got to watch a live broadcast of a CBC radio show (not too exciting), a live taping of a cooking show (a bit more entertaining) and a segment with a local doctor talking about urine and what all the different colours of urine mean (I actually found it quite interesting).

We went on stage right after the pee doctor and did our segment on kettlebells. We talked about some of the benefits, demonstrated a few basic exercises (deadlift, goblet squat, swing), put all the exercises together, and then all did a short workout together.

We were joined on stage by T.V. personalities George Strombolopolous and Chris Hyndman, who both host their own shows on CBC. They had a bit of trouble getting a few of the techniques right and weren't really dressed to swing the kettlebells so we kept things very light and fun. We were only on for a few minutes so trying to teach anybody anything in that short amount of time is pretty challenging! 

Anyways, I had a really good time! I met some great people, we had an awesome catered lunch and even though I'm not quite sure what CBC Culture Days are all about, it was still pretty cool to be a part of the official kick off!

Article by (Train Online)  |  October 03 2011

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