Cirque De Soleil's Kooza

September 01 2010

Marlaena and I went to see the new Cirque De Soleil show Kooza last weekend and it was fantastic! The show returns to Cirque De Soleil's circus traditions and combines acrobatic performance and the art of clowning. Kooza focuses a lot on human performance and showcases some incredible feats of strength, balance, flexibility and body control. 

The two contortionists that start the show were probably the most flexible humans that I have ever seen! These women bent and contorted their bodies in ways I didn't think possible. Their finishing move looked like they literally disconnected themselves at the waist, it was a bit scary to be honest! There was a double high wire act that was totally awesome and a guy who stacked multiple chairs on top of each other until he was about 50 feet up in the air and then did a perfect one arm hand stand on top of the entire stack!

The most amazing act of the night though was called the Wheel of Death. It was two guys in separate cages on a huge mechanical arm and they spun it around using their own momentum. It was absolutely amazing and the timing of these two guys was perfect! Below is a video clip of the performance if you want to check it out. 

I would recommend this show to any fan of Cirque De Soleil, of gymnastics, acrobatics or athletics in general. The acts were flawless and the performers made each task look effortless. I was totally impressed and will definitely see them again next time they come through Vancouver!
Article by (Train Online)  |  September 01 2010

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