CrossFit Endurance Course

October 26 2010

Mar and I were in Edmonton over the weekend for a 2 day CrossFit specialty course. It was the CrossFit Endurance course and was hosted by CrossFit Lineage. The course was instructed by John McBrien who is a CF Endurance coach from Washington, D.C. 

I wasn't too sure what to expect and I wasn't totally sure if I would enjoy a 2 day running clinic but I have to say that I left the course feeling very satisfied and felt that I had greatly improved my running efficiency. We started the weekend doing 400 meter intervals so John could film our running strides. After that he lectured on everything from running mechanics, footwear, injuries, injury prevention, nutrition and recovery. It was a ton of information to absorb but it was all really interesting. On top of the lectures, we would intermittently take breaks and work on different drills based on the Pose Method to help improve our running mechanics and efficiency. 

Near the end of the first day we reviewed the videos that were filmed in the morning and John broke down each persons running stride frame by frame. It was pretty clear after watching the videos how poor everyones mechanics were at the start of the day. After doing drills all day, I started to feel like I was running a little bit better. We ended the day with a short intense workout. It consisted of 7 rounds for time of a 200 meter sprint followed by 10 burpees. I finished in 7 minutes and 23 seconds and thought I was going to vomit!

The second day of the course consisted of programming implementation and a lot more running drills. John re-filmed the group running during the second half of the day and then we reviewed the videos so we could compare ourselves from the day before. John had a really cool software program that calculated the amount of time it took your body to pass its general center of mass, how long your foot kept in contact on the ground and how long you were in the air. The program was able to calculate the percentage of improvement in your stride so we we able to compare numbers from each of our runs. I had a 71% improvement from the first day and Marlaena had a 75% improvement!

I would strongly recommend this course to anyone interested in tightening up their running mechanics and making themselves a more efficient runner. There was a ton of great information, it was very well instructed and we were left with a six week program to help drill in the new running techniques. Hopefully Marlaena and I can keep each other on track and make sure we each do our homework!
Article by (Train Online)  |  October 26 2010

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