CrossFit Powerlifting Course

September 30 2011

We went down to Lynnwood, Washington last weekend to attend the CrossFit Powerlifting course. The course was held over 2 days at CrossFit Lynnwood and was instructed by elite powerlifters Mark Bell and Jesse Burdick.

I didn’t know very much about the sport of powerlifting before I took the course and wasn’t really sure what to expect but I absolutely loved it! It was the most enjoyable specialty course I’ve done so far. I picked up a ton of new training tips, programming ideas & cues and the instructors were awesome!

You could tell Mark and Jesse absolutely love powerlifting! They were so passionate about the material they covered and passed on as much of their knowledge as we could absorb! They’ve both been lifting for years and have trained in some of the best gyms with the strongest athletes in the world so it was great to be able to pick their brains and ask them any questions I had.

Over the course of 2 days we covered the mechanics of the box squat, the deadlift and the bench press as well as proper warm-up sequences and all the accessory exercises. We learned the Westside Conjugate Method, developed by powerlifting guru and Westside Barbell owner Louie Simmons, and how to properly implement his dynamic and maximum effort training days into our own weekly routine.

Stan Efferding, a world record holding powerlifter and IFBB pro bodybuilder came in on the second day and gave a brief talk on nutrition and the importance of recovery. He had some great insight and really drove home the importance of good nutrition and proper rest between heavy workouts. I learned a lot in his short presentation and will definitely be paying more attention to my diet and the volume of training that I am doing each week.

Strength is something that I’ve wanted to improve for a long time so the programming that we left with at the end of the course is going to be invaluable to me. I can’t wait to get going and will be starting a 12 week strength program next week! I’m going to diligently keep track of all my training & progress along the way and am really hoping to see some big gains in the next few months!

If you want to get stronger and you’re interested in taking this course, send me an email: - and I’ll pass on all of the contact and course information. It was an excellent course with great coaches and I would STRONGLY recommend it to everyone!

Article by (Train Online)  |  September 30 2011

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