CrossFit Vancouver BBQ

July 01 2010

We went to a BBQ last weekend down at CrossFit Vancouver.  It was the first annual "Nutt's Cup" in memory of Andrew Nuttall, a former member of CrossFit and the Canadian military who died while serving his country in Afghanistan. It was an awesome day and a fantastic turnout.  The day started with the Nutter Team Workout of the Day which consisted of a 550 M run, 50 wall balls with a 20 lb. med ball, 3 rounds of 30 pull-ups and 30 burpees and finishing with another 550 M run while holding 45 lb. weight plate.  Let me tell you.. it was pretty tough!

I was partnered up with a really nice guy named Emerson who had never been to CrossFit before but was in pretty decent shape.  We hammered our way through the workout and managed to get it finished in just under 20 minutes which put us 9th out of 48 teams. Marlaena and her partner Duke hustled through their workout and finished a very respectable 5th overall!

After the team competition, they held the 1st annual Nutts Hero Workout of the Day with the prize being the illustrious Nutt's Cup!  It was a brutal workout and I was blown away by the athleticism and competitiveness of some the participants. The workout consisted of 10 handstand push-ups, 15 deadlifts (250/150 lbs.), 25 box jumps (30 inch box), 50 pull-ups, 100 wall balls, 200 double unders, 400 M run with 45 lb. weight plate. The winner finished in just over 15 minutes and the top female, Emily Beers from CrossFit Vancouver, finished in just over 20.

I was very impressed and will hopefully be able to get in the thick of things and compete for the cup next year! I'm not sure what the workout will consist of but I will definitely be working on my double unders, handstand push-ups, wall balls,  box jumps and well everything else too!

And to all my fellow Canadians out there.. Happy Canada Day!!

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