Donald Trump Selling Vitamins

November 25 2009


Donald Trump is hoping to further expand his global empire by teaming up with Ideal Health, a nutritional products company, and creating a new company called the Trump Network.  The Trump Network is a multi-level marketing company that is designed to make people healthier with customized vitamins and nutritional supplements, and encourage others to become entrepreneurs and control their financial future.  

Trump Network is similar to Amway in that is uses a very enticing pyramid payment system to encourage people to join their sales program and "take control" of their own financial destinies!  After buying a Trump Network FastStart Business Starter Kit, you're free to start pushing these "Trump approved" health products on all of your unsuspecting friends and family members.  Then with any luck, you can hopefully convince these same friends and family members to buy into the program as well so they can start making money for YOU!

Like every other multi-level marketing gimmick, this all sounds really fun and easy and a second income in this economy would come in very handy but you have to look at the real facts.  The success rates for these multi-level marketing companies are very, very low.  Less than 1% of the people involved in these pyramid systems are top earners and less than 3% of the people involved are ever profitable.  That means that not even 3% of the people that get involved with these companies ever see ANY profit let alone the money they had to initially invest to get started with the program in the first place!

I will give the Trump Network a few props compared to most MLM schemes. They have a very clean and informative website. The Trump Network claims to have some of the most cutting edge health and wellness products. They claim to use a team of experts to look at your specific metabolic markers from an in-home test to find out what specific vitamin and mineral supplements your body really needs. Donald Trump himself has plastered his name and face all over this product and fully endorses his method of hi-tech network marketing. This huge endorsement isn't a big surprise either as Donald Trump talks highly of network marketing in a new book he co-authors with Robert Kiyosaki called "Why We Want You To Be Rich".

Anyways, I'm pretty sure a few things are guaranteed with this new venture. Donald Trump and his partners will make a lot of money, a few will make enough money to keep the dream alive and many will buy in to the dream and lose the motivation to sell the products before they even arrive!
Article by (Train Online)  |  November 25 2009

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