Fight Football League

September 17 2010

Has anyone else ever heard of the FFL? A friend of mine sent me a link the website the other day and I could hardly believe my eyes! The FFL or Fight Football League is a professional sports league in Italy that combines football, rugby, boxing and mixed martial arts. It's based on an ancient Roman game called Harpastum and was used as a way to prepare gladiators for battle. It's apparently the foundation of modern Soccer and Football and is still played once a year, and has been since the 1500's in Florence, Italy under the name "Calcio Storico".

The objective of the game is to score a goal but on the way to doing that you might have to get into a couple of serious brawls! There are some rules though.. you can only fight one on one, you can't hit while you're running, no strikes from behind and you can't kick a guy when he's down. Sounds pretty fair to me!

Players come from all different types of sports including calcio storico, rugby, boxing, wrestling and MMA. This sport is only being played in Italy right now but I'm sure as exposure and popularity grow, it will eventually expand into other European markets and then who knows.. maybe one day we'll have a North American league.
Article by (Train Online)  |  September 17 2010

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