Gourmet Nutrition

July 11 2011

I ordered a new cookbook awhile back and finally received it in the mail the other day! The book is called "Gourmet Nutrition: The Cookbook For The Fit Food Lover" and is written by Dr. John M. Berardi, Michael Williams and Kristina Andrew.

Now Marlaena and I eat pretty well and keep our diet consisting mostly of whole foods, lot's of different veggies, grass fed meats & poultry, eggs, fish, high quality dairy, fruit, nuts, seeds, etc. BUT our biggest problem is variety!!! We both have pretty demanding work/training schedules so don't have a lot of time to get creative in the kitchen during the week. 

We often find ourselves in a "food rut" where even though we’re eating healthy, we essentially rotate between the same handful of meals, which is most often grilled meat on the barbeque and a mixed salad. Now don’t get me wrong.. I love anything that’s cooked on the BBQ, especially during the Summer, but eating the same type of meal over and over again starts to get pretty old, pretty darn quick!

Anyways, I’ve been following Dr. John Berardi and his philosophies on food and nutrition for a few years now and decided to buy his new cookbook to help push us out of our "food comfort zone" and start trying out new some recipes! I’m going to attempt to make one new recipe every week and if it's good, I'll add it to my list of meal options. I really don’t like spending a lot of time on food prep and planning meals so I’m really hoping this book gives me a bunch of great, new recipes that will be tasty, healthy and relatively easy to prepare!

I will be posting my creations every week and will try to include a picture with each one... as long as the dish looks somewhat presentable when I’m done!

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