Gym Etiquette

May 01 2009

1. Wear appropriate clothing

Make sure that you show up to the gym wearing appropriate clothing.  You want to be comfortable but still be wearing athletic gear such as sweat pants, t-shirts, stretch pants, sweat shirts, tank tops and running shoes.

2. Be aware of those around you


There will most likely be other people around you when you are working out so be considerate of their space.  Be sure to share the equipment and machines and if the gym is really busy, switch up between cardio machines after 20 minutes so others can also have a chance to use them.

3. Bring a towel


Bring a towel with you when you are working out to wipe away your sweat and to also wipe your sweat off of the benches and machines after you have finished using them.

4. Use deodorant


Always put on deodorant before a training session.  Nobody likes to smell someone else’s body odor while working out and there is no excuse to stink when there are plenty of soaps, body washes, body sprays and deodorants to deal with the issue.

Article by (Train Online)  |  May 01 2009

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