Happy Holidays

December 28 2010

Wow.. I can't believe that another year is coming to an end already. It blows me away how fast time seems to fly by!

This past year has been a really good year for myself and for the site. Train With Me Online continues to grow and the community keeps getting stronger! In 2010, I discovered the RKC (Russian kettlebell challenge) and Hardstyle kettlebell training and found CrossFit Vancouver. Both of these have made such a huge difference in my life and the way that I train and have given me a ton of new ideas and more content for the site than I know what to do with!  

I received my Hardstyle kettlebell certification this past year and in the Spring of 2011 will be travelling to St. Paul Minnesota to get my RKC which is one of the most highly recognized kettlebell certifications in the world. I have also received several CrossFit certifications over the last year and am registered for more in 2011 including the Olympic Lifting and the CrossFit Kids certification.

I plan on filming all of the RKC and fundamental CrossFit exercises and adding them to the site in the New Year. Once all of these new exercises have been filmed, I'm going to start building a ton new workouts including kettlebell conditioning workouts, CrossFit benchmark WOD's and CrossFit style met-con workouts! I'm really excited about these new additions and can't wait to get them on the site!

Thanks again for your continued support over the last year, it's always greatly appreciated!

Happy Holidays!

Ben, George and Marlaena

Article by (Train Online)  |  December 28 2010

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