HardStyle KettleBell Certification

March 15 2010


I went down to Seattle this past weekend to attend a Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification workshop. The workshop was held at the Kettlebility studio which is owned by RKC instructor Andrea U-Shi Chang. There were about 25 people or so in attendance and the workshop was taught by Master RKC instructor Brett Jones from Pittsburgh, PA and assisted by several senior and level II RKC instructors.

I had little exposure to the kettlebell before this workshop other than a few exercises like the deadlift, American (overhead) swing, bent over row and shoulder press. After the first fifteen minutes of the workshop, I realized that I really knew nothing about the russian kettlebell and it's true potential. 

We started the day working on various breathing techniques and deadlift form then moved on to the swing and single arm swing. I was really impressed with Brett Jones and his knowledge of the kettlebell and mechanics of the body. He was incredibly articulate with his instruction and very strict with his form which I really appreciated. We learned the goblet squat after the swing and finished the day with the Turkish get-up. I thought going into the workshop that the 3 lifts would be relatively easy to learn but I was wrong. He went into such great detail with every exercise and there was so much new information to process and so many things to remember as the day progressed.

We were tested on all 3 exercises at the end of the workshop. I have to admit that I haven't been that nervous in a very long time but I managed to successfully complete all three of my kettlebell exercises without any troubles and received my Hardstyle Kettlebell certification! I am so excited and feel really proud about this new accomplishment and even though this experience was incredibly humbling, it left me hungry for more! I have set some new personal goals and now hope to challenge for my RKC, the Russian Kettlebell Challenge instructors certification by the end of 2010!
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