Home Grown Produce

June 18 2012

I posted this picture up on the TWMO Facebook page the other week because I think it's one of the coolest "kitchen appliances" I've ever seen!

Mar and I live in Vancouver, B.C. (one of the most expensive cities in North America) and live in a modest 2 bedroom condo. Don't get me wrong.. I absolutely love my place, it's a new building and we just moved in a few months ago but we don't have a backyard (only a 300+ sq. ft. patio) and definitely don't have enough room in our kitchen for our own miniature green house!

We did win a small garden plot though in a lottery that our building had last month. The developer built a communal garden area outside on the 2nd floor of the building but there are only about 20 plots (and almost 60 suites in the building) so everyone didn't get one. Anyways we now have the plot for the next couple of years before they have another lottery and even though neither of us really have a green thumb, we thought it would be fun to try to grow our own produce! 

We've planted some lettuce, a few kinds of onions, basil, bell peppers and some cucumbers. I think I'm also going to plant some snap peas and cherry tomatoes. I checked up on it last night and a couple of the lettuce are almost ready! I think it will be so awesome to eat food that we've actually grown ourselves and you can't get much fresher than that!!

I'll be sure to post up some pictures in a couple weeks of our little garden set-up.. I just need the peppers and cucumbers get a little bit bigger!
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