I Won A Very Tough Fight

November 29 2009

I won my boxing fight the other night via 3rd round TKO.  It was a really hard fight and I fought an incredibly tough guy from Vancouver Island, B.C.  I give my opponent a ton of credit.  He came into the fight in great shape, was really strong and he hit like an anvil!  

The fight went back and forth throughout all 3 rounds and we battered each other with both lefts and rights, each knocking the other down during the fight.  The fight was eventually stopped late in the third round because of a deep cut that I opened up over his left eye from a solid right hand. It was after an awesome flurry of punches where we were both able to land some big shots!

I'm glad I came out on top... it could have easily gone the other way!!
Article by (Train Online)  |  November 29 2009

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