Learn To Lift

May 06 2014

This past weekend, my training partner Jordy and I taught the very first session of a new weightlifting workshop we're running called Learn To Lift. The workshop consists of 8 sessions, covers beginner level barbell, kettlebell and bodyweight movements and we're hosting it at the Train Online studios in Vancouver, BC. 

Learn To Lift focuses on basic barbell strength exercises like the sumo/conventional deadlift, back/front squat, shoulder press, push press, bench press, bent over row and the power clean. We also teach a variety of kettlebell exercises and bodyweight movements. This workshop is designed for beginner lifters with minimal experience and intermediate lifters that are looking to improve their technique.

Each session begins with a group warm-up which includes mobility drills and movement prep. Then we teach a few technical skills depending on the focus for the day and then put those new skills to use in a short, finisher workout at the end of the session.

Here is sample of Day 1 - Deadlift Focus.

Group Warm-up:
mobility drills, dynamic movement prep
3 rounds: 15 band good mornings
         15 glute bridges 

Technical Skill:
kettlebell deadlift
romanian deadlift
conventional deadlift - work up to a safe 5 rep max

Finisher Workout:
3 rounds: 5 conventional deadlift @ 75% of 5RM
200M run
30 second plank hold 
30 second rest

We have a solid group of 10 people for our 1st Learn To Lift workshop and hope to put one on every few months. If you live in the area and think you might be interested in joining an upcoming workshop, shoot me an email: ben@trainonline.com

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