Mar's Kettlebell Adventure

May 30 2010

Marlaena and I went back to Seattle this past weekend to do some one on one training with RKC Team Leader Andrea U-Shi Chang at her private training studio, Kettlebility. We only went up for the day, lucky enough we're only a few hours hour away and have that luxury, so we drove up first thing Saturday morning, trained with her for a few hours and then jumped back on the road and drove back home.

It was a long day and my butt was pretty sore by the time we finally got home but it was definitely well worth it! Andrea and I were able to work out a few mechanical bugs that I had with my swing and she also showed me how to do the clean properly. I was going through the right motions but using the wrong muscles to pull the kettlebell off of the floor. She had me do push-ups till I couldn't lift my arms up and then immediately had me do multiple reps of cleans on each arm to force me to use my hips rather than my arms and shoulders. It was a great drill and I could feel the difference right away.
Marlaena started off with her double swing as well and then moved on to the more difficult single arms and then worked on combinations of both. She seemed to pick things up so quickly and has incredible athleticism so Andrea moved right along and showed her the turkish get up, goblet squat and some really cool stretches before our session ended.
We both had a great time and really enjoy training with Andrea. She is very knowledgeable and a great instructor and her studio, Kettlebility, is clean, bright and very welcoming.  
Thanks Andrea, we'll see you soon!
Article by (Train Online)  |  May 30 2010


I normally wouldn't write about something so gruesome but I'm still trying to wrap my head around this one.. it's almost too crazy to believe!

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