MMA Massacre

June 05 2010

I normally wouldn't write about something so gruesome but I'm still trying to wrap my head around this one.. it's almost too crazy to believe!

A so called "cage fighter" from California named, Jarrod Wyatt, is accused of brutally murdering his training partner after they drank some tea that had been spiked with some psychedelic mushrooms.  A witness claims that after they both ingested the mushrooms, Wyatt became paranoid that his friend was possessed by the Devil so he cut open a giant hole in his chest and ripped out his heart while it was still beating! WTF?!?!?!

After he tore his heart out, he wasn't quite finished. Wyatt also cut off his tongue, tore off most of his face and removed several other organs which he then burned in a wood burning fireplace because he was fearful his friend was still alive and he "needed to stop the Devil". When police arrived at the scene, Wyatt was apparently standing over the corpse buck naked and covered in blood from head to toe in what the officers described as a scene from a horror movie!  

A lawyer representing Wyatt is trying to claim that his client was in a hallucinogenic, self induced psychotic state at the time and had no control over his actions. "He was trying to silence the Devil" claims James Fallman. "I think he was having psychotic fit based on the mushrooms he had." Wyatt has been charged with first degree murder and torture. Torture was added to the murder charge because his victim was still alive when his heart was removed and bled to death as a result.

This is such a crazy story and is almost too much to believe but I don't really see how it's relevant that this guy was supposedly a mixed martial arts fighter.  As if that somehow made him more prone to such a violent outburst or had something to do with this gruesome attack. He could have easily been a plumber, school teacher, stock broker or taxi cab driver, just look at what happened in Britain this past week. Anyways my heart goes out to the victims family.. this is a very sad and unfortunate event and I really hope that justice is served.  

And kids, say NO to drugs!
Article by (Train Online)  |  June 05 2010


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