Movement and Mobility

February 21 2012

Marlaena and I were down in Seattle this past weekend to attend the CrossFit Movement and Mobility course. It was hosted by Level 4 - CrossFit Seattle (which is an awesome facility!!) and taught by Kelly Starrett, who is the owner of CrossFit San Francisco and founder of Mobility WOD.

The course covered basic human movement, set-up positions, the biomechanics of the squat & deadlift, PNF stretching, myofascial release and hip & shoulder mobility. Kelly was an amazing presenter! He was funny, well spoken and kept things moving quickly from one thing to another the entire day!

I've been wanting to take this course for a couple of years now and I'm really happy that I got the chance. The day flew by and there was so much new information to process! I picked up some great coaching cues and have a bunch of new drills and exercises to work on and add to my bag of tricks!

I say this after almost every CrossFit specialty course that I do.. but I think this one might have been my favourite! Mobility is something that I really need to spend more time on and think it is such an important component in a well rounded fitness program. This course opened my eyes to a whole new world of movement and mobility and I am going to practice and implement these new skills in my own training and with all of my clients so we can train and live injury/pain free for many years to come!

I would STRONGLY recommend this course to anyone that cares about their body. This course isn't just for CrossFitters or Die Hard fitness fanatics! It covers basic human movement and optimal body positions and I think that's something everyone should have a better understanding of.

If you're interested in this course or any of the other specialty courses offered by CrossFit, you can find them all through this link: CrossFit Specialty Courses
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