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May 26 2010

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I just received a couple of new kettlebell DVD's and books in the mail and I'm super stoked to get started on them! I wrote in an earlier blog about going down to Seattle and getting my HKC designation. After the seminar I bought a DVD by the instructor Brett Jones called Kettlebell Basics for Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get into or learn more about kettlebells, it's a great instructional video and Brett does an exceptional job of breaking down and explaining all of the exercises.

After getting home from the seminar and watching the first video I was totally hooked on the kettlebell so I went ahead and ordered a couple more books and DVD's from the King of the Kettlebell - Pavel Tsatsouline. I ended up getting one of his first and one of his most recent in "Enter the Kettlebell" and "Return of the Kettlebell" from Dragon Door publications. I've already watched the first one a few times now (it's awesome) and have been practicing my swings, cleans and presses diligently over the past few days!  

I'm going back to Seattle this weekend and really hope that I can work out any kinks that I have in any of the exercises. Marlaena and I are going down to train with RKC Team Leader Andrea U-Shi Chang again. I'm taking my video camera down this time so any corrections or adjustments that I need to make to my technique, I'll hopefully be ale to fix when I can break it all down in slo-mo when I get back!

I'll be filming some of these new kettlebell exercises in the next couple of weeks and will hopefully have them ready to include in a new update later this Summer!
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