Never Too Old!

March 17 2014

Think you're too old to start an exercise program?!? Well think again!!

I train a gentleman named Mickey. He's 86 years young and we've been training together now for over five years. He didn't start exercising on a regular basis until he was in his late fifties but swears that it has made all the difference in his life and when he compares himself to most of his peers, he says he's in far better shape, is relatively pain free and enjoys a higher quality of life.

We train together once a week and on top of that he walks, rides the stationary bike, golfs when it's nice out and still plays doubles tennis at least once a week with his wife. I train his wife Gail as well, who's a bit younger but also in great shape! Mickey isn't able to do everything like he used to but he can still swing a kettlebell, press a barbell and do more than most people half his age.

I've asked him what the secret to longevity is and he said he doesn't really know other than.. "just try to do something each and every day". 

Check out this article about Lois Bastien, who is a 77 year old runner who hasn't missed her daily run for over 33 years! Do the math.. that's over 12, 000 times she's laced up her sneakers and hit the pavement.

Here's an excerpt from the article.

Mrs. Bastien said her secret to success is never overdoing it. She runs the same 1 ½-mile loop every day. "Most days I run it twice," she said. "But if for some reason — weather, or I am not feeling well enough that I can do it twice — I always run it at least once."

And if that isn't enough to get you motivated, check out the video below of Sven SteensGaard. He's 91 and pulls a 130kg (that's 268lbs.!!) deadlift at a local powerlifting meet. Yes, he might need a little help after completing the lift but he still gets it done and that's more weight than most men my age or younger can lift!

So if you think it's too late to get started on an exercise program.. it's not!! Find something you enjoy doing whether it's weight training, jogging, power walking, tennis or yoga, and get at it!!
Article by (Train Online)  |  March 17 2014


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