New Deadlift PB's

February 15 2011

Marlaena and I both hit new deadlift personal bests last month! I finally broke the 400 plateau with a 405 lb. lift and Marlaena got closer to her goal of double bodyweight (250 lbs.) with a 230 lb. lift! We've been training with a few other friends every Saturday and have been focusing on heavy deadlifts, doing sets of either 5, 3 or 1 every weekend for the last year a half. We always follow the deadlift session with some sort of gruesome conditioning circuit!


I really enjoy deadlift Saturdays and the exercise has become one of my favorite lifts. I was really happy to have finally gotten over that 400 mark. I swear it was more mental than physical at the end. Now that I know I can pull 405 lbs. off of the floor I guess I can start shooting for two and a half times my body weight!


And kudos again to Mar! She makes 230 lbs. look pretty easy and will definitely be hitting her goal of a double body weight deadlift in the very near future! I'll keep you all posted!

Article by (Train Online)  |  February 15 2011

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