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October 25 2013

My beautiful wife and training partner Marlaena is pregnant!! She is just over 20 weeks and due at the beginning of March. This will be our first child and we are both super stoked!

We went for an ultrasound this week and got to see the baby for the first time! I have to say... it was one of the most amazing/coolest experiences of my life! And I swear the little squirt wouldn't stop moving around and might have even been doing some crunches in there!! :)

Marlaena is feeling great. She was a bit tired during the first trimester but her energy levels have gotten much better over the past few weeks and she has started to become a bit more active again. She is currently strength training 2-3 times per week and doing cardio (walking, rowing, jogging) 2-3 times per week.

She has been documenting her pregnancy and will be writing a blog in the next while about her training and diet. We will also be filming some pre-natal exercise videos and a full body training program for expecting moms and will be launching a new section on the site called: Fit Mom.

Stay tuned...
Article by (Train Online)  |  October 25 2013

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