Paul James Weight Gain Experiment

August 12 2009

Have a look at this video link that my client sent me this morning from ABC News (please forgive the commercial at the beginning, it's worth sitting through though). It's about Australian personal trainer Paul James who packed on almost 90 pounds of fat for an independent documentary and to get a better understanding of what it would be like to be as big as his overweight clients.



In just six months, Paul James was able to transform his body from ultra ripped fitness model to overweight, tubby guy with moobies and terrible posture!  He had no rules and ate anything and everything he could get his hands on and stuff in his mouth... you can see by the picture above that he was really dedicated to the experiment!

He now battles an addiction to fats and sugars, experiences muscle, joint and lower back pains, has high cholesterol and high blood sugar and is realizing that it is going to be a very long road back to health.  What took only 6 months to achieve will take much, much longer to reverse. That is if he's even able to get back into the shape he was in before he went on a six month eating binge!  It's going to take a lot of hard work and a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get his ripped, beached body back! 

He claims he has no regrets and can now completely empathize with his heavier clients and the extra obstacles they face by being overweight.  I guess now at least he'll never have another client sit there and try to say... "you don't know what it's like man!"

Article by (Train Online)  |  August 12 2009

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