Plank Variations

February 19 2014

Can you hold a perfect plank for 2 minutes?

Dan John wrote an article recently for Men's Health about 3 simple fitness tests that you should be able to pass. Number two on the list is a 2 minute perfect plank hold.

Now a two minute plank might not sound that bad but Dan John isn't talking about a droopy looking plank with soft abs and a saggy back or the "teepee" plank where your butt is sticking straight up in the air.. he's talking about a nice, strong plank with your back flat, your glutes fired and core engaged!

If you're not quite there yet.. here are some beginner level planks you can try to help you reach the 2 minute mark.

1. Kneeling Plank
2. Bench Plank
3. Straight Arm Plank

And here are a few other options if a regular plank just isn't challenging enough for you anymore!

1. Single Leg Plank
2. Elevated Plank 
3. Knee Tuck Plank 

Check out the video below for some step by step instructions.

And keep the following tips in mind when you're playing around with the above progressions and variations.
  • Always maintain proper spinal alignment.
  • Do not progress to a more challenging position until you can perform the current one for at least 30-45 seconds.
  • Try to breath as normal as possible during all of these plank holds.
  • Perform these plank variations toward the end of your training session.
  • Don't do anything that hurts... and try to have some FUN!!
Article by (Train Online)  |  February 19 2014

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