Post Baby Butt & Tummy Toning

May 28 2014

I did a butt and tummy toning circuit at the studio yesterday.

This is only my 2nd week back in the gym after having the baby so I’m still easing my way back into more challenging workouts. I’ve been sticking to mostly bodyweight circuits with high reps and as little rest as possible between the exercises.

Here's the circuit I put together:

Warm-up: 1000M row

Circuit: 3 rounds 

Drop Squats x 20

Single Leg Toe Touches x 10/side

Barbell Glute Bridges x 20 

Supermans x 10/side

Full Sit-ups x 10

Plank Hold x 30 seconds  

Article by (Train Online)  |  May 28 2014

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Yesterday was my 1st workout back after having my baby 10 weeks ago! I thought I'd start training sooner but my recovery took longer than I thought.