Pre-Workout Snacks

August 09 2012

Proper nutrition is incredibly important, especially before a workout! 

What you eat before you train has a huge impact on your performance. Eating the right foods will properly fuel your body, prevent low blood sugar, improve your recovery time and get you better results! 

You want to choose a pre-workout meal or snack that is well balanced and contains easily digestible carbs, a bit of protein and some good fats. You want to eat 30-60 minutes before you train so you have time to digest and get the nutrients into your system. You might also want to test out a few different combinations to see what foods works best for you and don't leave you feeling too full, bloated or sluggish.

Here are some examples of pre-workout meals and snacks.

Banana w/ peanut butter.
Scrambled eggs w/ peppers & cheese.
Oatmeal w/ hemp seeds and berries.
Trail mix w/ nuts and raisins.
Yogurt or cottage cheese.
Smoothie w/ protein powder & fruit.
Article by (Train Online)  |  August 09 2012

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