Reebok: Be More Human

January 31 2015

I had a really cool opportunity a couple of months ago to be a part of a new Reebok commercial titled; Be More Human.


Reebok has become a big player in the sporting apparel world the past few years partnering with several huge brands like CrossFit, the Spartan Race and most recently the UFC.


I’m a huge fan of the their new gear and the commercials they’ve been producing since partnering with those brands. I was incredibly honored and absolutely jacked when I found out that I was cast in one of their commercials!


I was given the role of a trail runner / firefighter and got to spend a night running through a forest in the pitch black rain and mud and a second night on a crazy rescue scene with a full crew of firefighters and emergency personnel.  


This commercial really resonates with me because I’ve trained hard my entire life ever since I was a kid. I’ve done martial arts, competetive boxing, bodybuilding, CrossFit, kettlebells, powerlifting, olympic weightlifting and more. And I really don’t do it for any reason other other than I love to train, need to challenge myself and have always strived to be the best human I can possibly be. Oh ya.. and to also kick ass at life!!


Article by (Train Online)  |  January 31 2015

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