January 31 2013

One of my best friends and training partners, Jeremy Van Mont Foort, passed away this past weekend. He was 38 years old. Jeremy was one of the most incredible human beings that I've ever met. He was so full of life, happiness and love and would have done anything for anybody... no matter what.

He was the first person to introduce me to heavy barbell lifting and real strength training. He turned me on to T-Nation and taught me about the powerlifting total. He was the one that showed me how to squat in my socks, he put me through my very first barbell complex and got me to stop eating starchy foods at night. He also introduced me to his older brother Jason, who taught me how to deadlift properly and gave me my first introduction to CrossFit and the CF Vancouver community.

I will always be incredibly grateful for everything that he shared with me over the years and I really wish I could have shown him more gratitude because I don't think he knew how big of an impact he had on my training, this website and my life.

He was a like a brother to me and a true warrior spirit. I would have wanted him by my side in battle and always thought he'd be a guy that I'd grow old with.

I love you Jer and I already miss you like crazy bro, RIP.
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