Running Again

July 12 2014

I got the "ok" from my doctor last week at our 4 month check-up to start running with Declan in the stroller (as he now has strong enough neck control). He suggested to start with walk / run intervals, so I looked up a good "starter" running program from the Vancouver Sun Run, which is a 10k charity run.

Sun Run 10K Training Guide

I decided to start on page 2 / week 6 as I've been doing alot of walking with him already... the first week has been good, and I'll be starting week 7 on Monday. I've been doing my runs along the Seawall, the only thing I didn't take into account was the weight of the stroller (when it's windy) and not being able to use my arms while running... something you dont really think about until the wind is blowing against you! I figure it'll make running on my own that much easier! ;)

It definitely feels good to be able to go for run on a nice sunny day! 

Article by (Train Online)  |  July 12 2014

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