Starting Strength

September 16 2012

I'm going to start a new strength training program this week. It's not going to be anything too complicated, I'm just going to make sure I train heavy at least 2 x /week and hit 4 specific barbell exercises every week.

I'm going to be basing the program off of the lifts found in Mark Rippetoe's book, Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training. Mark Rippetoe is a well known strength and conditioning coach and barbell guru based out of Texas. In the book, he covers the 4 staple barbell exercises - the deadlift, the squat, the shoulder press and bench press as well as the power clean and a bunch of other assistance exercises.

I'm going to be following the program on Tuesdays and Saturdays and will be hitting 2 major lifts every training session. I'll make a few tweaks, add different exercises like farmer walks, weighted pull-ups and kettlebell swings along the way and switch between 3 and 5 reps every week but other than that.. this is how it will lay out over the first month.

Day 1:

Deadlift (conventional, sumo)
Bench press
Accessory work

Day 2:

Squat (back, front)
Shoulder press
Accessory work

After the first 4 weeks are done I'll do a de-loading phase for a week. During this "recovery" week I will focus on speed and give my body a break from the heavy lifting.
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