Survived the Mudder

June 28 2012

So my ankles were sore for a good 3 days but I can now add "official Mudder" to my resume! :)
We did the Tough Mudder this past Saturday and I have to admit that it was pretty damn tough! It wasn't so much the difficulty of the obstacles or the total distance of the course but more the uneven terrain, loose gravel and ankle deep snow that wore me down. 

It was originally supposed to be a 10 mile course but they surprised us at the end with an extra 2 miles which included a brutal hike up a ski jump hill that they called "the death march". After the hill climb we had to get through a handful of other obstacles including a log carry, a run up a quarter pipe vertical wall and a climb across some monkey bars before we finally crossed the finish line.

There were just over 30 of us on our team but after a mile or two the group divided and there ended up being about 8 of us that stuck together the rest of the way through. The race was held at the Olympic park in Whistler, B.C. which was an absolutely gorgeous venue. And for such a huge event (15,000 people on the Saturday) it was incredibly well organized with very few hiccups along the way. 

Out of the 25+ obstacles there were only a couple that got backed up. One of them was the glacier lake where you had to slide down a 40 ft snow embankment and jump into an ice covered lake (NOT one of my favourite obstacles). And the other obstacle we had to wait at was the vertical wall because it was pretty high and slippery so you had to run up it as fast as hell and hopefully get pulled up by other people that had already made it to the top.

All in all I thought it was really fun. We ended up finishing in just under 3 and a half hours but the time didn't really matter. It was more about getting through everything with your friends, conquering a few fears along the way and making some great memories! It's coming back again next year, but haven't decided yet whether I'll do it or not. I probably will though because Mar wasn't able to do it this year. She's still recovering from hernia surgery she had a few weeks ago but really wants to give it a shot next time around!

I posted a few more pics here on the TWMO Facebook page.
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