Ten Of The Worst Eating Habits

April 14 2009

1. Not eating enough during the day.


People starve themselves during the day and then usually over eat at night.

2. Eating only protein after working out.


You actually need mostly carbs to replace muscle energy and some protein for tissue repair.

3. Skipping snacks.


You should be eating 3 meals and 3 snacks a day and if you skip your snack you could possible over eat at your next meal.

4. Keeping snacks around your desk and grazing all day.


Make sure your snacks are measured out and you are only eating them at the appropriate times.

5. Eating on the run.


When you eat in a rush you don’t enjoy the food as much, may not be as satisfied and may over eat to compensate.

6. Portion Control.


Find out what different servings sizes look like (chicken, vegetables, fruit) so you have a reference when preparing your plate.

7. Waiting too long too eat.


Blood sugar gets low and this is when cravings begin to set in.

8. Eating just before a work-out for a boost of energy.


Proper nutrition takes a lot longer to kick in so make sure to eat well throughout the day and if it’s an early morning work-out, make sure to eat a bed time snack and have plenty of water in the morning to help give you the energy you need.

9. Drinking too many calories.


Keep track of the glasses of juice, milk, coffee and pop that you drink.  You would be amazed at how many calories most juices, pops and coffee drinks contain.

10. Following the wrong diet.


You need to find a diet plan that suits your lifestyle, food preferences and tastes so trying to stick to the “diet of the week” will probably not work for you.  You need to find something that you can follow and stick to!

Article by (Train Online)  |  April 14 2009

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