That's My Boy!

September 05 2014

My son Declan is 6 months old now and he's finally big enough to fit in the Baby Bjorn that we got for him. I've started wearing it around the house, going for walks around the neighborhood, and last weekend I had him in it while I was down at the Train Online studio.

He's a pretty happy little guy for the most part and as long as he can see what's going on, he seems content to just hang out and chill. So while I was there, I thought I'd try out a couple exercises with him strapped to the front of me.

I managed to do a decent workout. It was simple but it did the trick. I did 5 weighted pull-ups followed by 4 sled drags back and forth across the parking lot for about a half an hour.

If you look closely at the pic above.. you can see the effort and determination in my boy's eyes!!

Article by (Train Online)  |  September 05 2014

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