The 5 Best Tools To Keep You on Track

April 25 2009

Below are 5 of the best tracking tools to help keep you focused, positive and striving towards your goals!

1. Complete an activity such as a run, jog, bike ride, etc. through a set course or to a specific destination and repeat it to track improvements in time and performance.

2. Measuring tape and body fat calipers.  As long as they are being used by the same person they can provide a great range of relevant and comparable data.

3. Scales that measure body composition.  These types of scales provide much more data than just your weight.

4. BMI.  It’s a very general estimation but is still an easy and quick reference point.

5. VO2 Max, Lactate testing, hydrostatic weighing and DXA body composition scans are far more accurate methods of testing but can be expensive.

Article by (Train Online)  |  April 25 2009

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