The Barbell Deadlift

September 27 2010

The barbell deadlift is a definite must in any well balanced fitness program. It's an incredibly functional movement that we do any time we pick something up off the ground.
The deadlift is a compound exercise that increases grip strength with the gluteus maximus, hamstrings and erector spinae being the primary muscles doing the work. It's called the deadlift because it's dead weight being lifted off of the floor and there isn't an eccentric loading phase (like in the squat or the bench press) prior to the lift. It's just a straight concentric movement off of the floor making it one of the purest tests of strength.
The deadlift is one of the three gauges for powerlifting and is an excellent exercise for overall strength development. Some of the records out there are absolutely ridiculous! I've seen a video of the tire deadlift world record which is 1100 lbs. Yes.. 11 HUNDRED POUNDS!!! The guy that holds the record, Benedikt Magnusson is an absolute monster but I guess you'd have to be to lift that kind of weight!
Now it's not necessary to lift the equivalent of a small car to get the benefits of the deadlift. You can get some great results following a more modest program and doing multiple sets of 3-8 repetitions. You can also use a kettlebell, dumbbells, sandbags or medicine balls and get the same great results!
The video below is of my friend Jeremy lifting 455lbs.
Article by (Train Online)  |  September 27 2010

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