The Buzz on Bulletproof Coffee

September 02 2013

You may have heard of a buttered coffee known as "Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee," a caffeinated concoction created and trademarked by American Entrepreneur Dave Asprey. He claims that he was inspired to create the drink after being rejuvenated by yak butter tea at 18000 feet on a tibetan mountainside. As yak butter is no doubt difficult to acquire in North America, Asprey spent years creating his current formula. His recipe consists of high-quality black coffee, unsalted grass-fed butter and MCT oil, mixed in a blender to prevent the oil from separating, (trust me, the blender is imperative, do not mix this with a spoon!)

Studies have shown that coffee can improve short term memory, reduce the likelihood of certain cancers and improve athletic performance. The suggestion that its attributes could be improved upon by adding a couple of other ingredients certainly got my attention. After doing a little bit of research, I figured I would see if Asprey's claims were hype or not.

With all the brands of coffee that are available it can be confusing to select a high quality brand. I, for one, was immediately drawn to a label depicting a dancing monkey but remembering the task at hand I put the bag back on the shelf and continued my search. Getting your beans from a single origin, grown at high altitude and processed in a small batch facility will ensure that your coffee is going to be free of toxins and moulds found in inferior beans. 

Grass fed butter, as you probably guessed, is butter made from the milk of cows which dine on a steady diet of grass. The resulting butter is higher in vitamins, has an excellent ratio of omega 3 to 6 (1:1) and very high levels of CLA, a friendly fat that has been shown to decrease body fat and boost immune function. In some countries it may be hard to acquire grass fed butter due to government regulations, (don't get me started on this one!)

MCT stands for medium chain triglyceride, in other words they are a fat. These fats however are easily metabolized by the body and are a good source of quick energy as they are treated more like a carbohydrate than a typical fat. MCT oils are thermogenic and keep your body fat down while keeping energy levels high. These fats have been popular in bodybuilding circles for years but are just now becoming popular for people who are just trying to look and feel better. Coconut oil has had a huge surge in popularity in recent years and it is composed of 64% MCT oils, the highest concentration of any food. 

After I secured the requisite ingredients, including some contraband butter a friend secured for me while on a trip across the border I was ready to begin my experiment. I brewed two cups of coffee, which I then dumped into the blender, followed by a tablespoon of butter and 1.5 tablespoons of MCT oil. I blended it to a frothy mix and poured it into a mug, it looks like a yellowish cappuccino and has a slightly nutty scent. The taste was surprisingly good and the texture was quite pleasant, just drink it in relatively quick fashion because the oil begins to separate in a few minutes and creates a slightly off putting slick across the top of your brew.

The Verdict:

I have to say that I really noticed a great increase in energy and mental sharpness from this formula, I also was not hungry for hours which is very rare for me.I now begin a few days a week with one of these enhanced coffees, specifically when I plan on working out in the morning or have a very busy start to the day.  If you enjoy several cups of coffee a day, I would limit your intake to one Bulletproof Coffee a day, preferably in the morning with a low carb, high protein breakfast as one of these brews clocks in at between 300 and 500 calories.

Article by (Train Online)  |  September 02 2013

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