The Comeback!

May 12 2014

Yesterday was my first workout back after having my baby boy 10 weeks ago! I thought I'd be able to start training a lot sooner but my recovery took a little longer than I expected... The past 2 months have been pretty hectic, and things are finally starting to settle down. I'm super excited to start training again and get back in shape!

I've been walking almost everyday the past couple months but that just helps to keeps me sane, it's not doing much to shed the last bit of baby weight and trim down my mid-section. I got clearance from my doctor last week to start exercising again and plan on doing 3 full body workouts a week with some walk/runs every other day. 

I trained down at the Train Online studio this weekend, actually on Mother's Day, and Ben put me through a pretty tough workout. I didn't think it'd be so bad but I'm out of shape right now and I'm definitely feeling it today! I'm hoping I'll make some pretty good progress over the next couple months cause I'd really like to squeeze into a bikini again this Summer!!

Here is the workout I did yesterday.

Article by (Train Online)  |  May 12 2014

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This is only my 2nd week back in the gym after having the baby so I’m still easing my way back into more challenging workouts.

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