Tough Mudder

March 19 2012

So Marlaena and I are officially signed up for the Tough Mudder race this Summer in Whistler, B.C. We're doing it with a bunch of friends from CrossFit Vancouver and there will be about 30 of us on the team come race day!
For those that aren't familiar with the Tough Mudder, it's an outdoor adventure race with a bunch of crazy military style obstacles along the way! This is the first time the Tough Mudder will be held in Western Canada and the course hasn't been finished yet so I'm not exactly sure what to expect!! 

With the course being up in the Whistler mountains, I imagine the terrain will be pretty hairy and I have a feeling there will be ALOT of uphill running! I've been watching YouTube videos from other races around North America so have an idea what some of the obstacles will be and let me tell you.. a few of them scare the crap out of me!

I get really claustrophobic in confined spaces and in one of the obstacles you have to crawl through partially submerged PVC pipes. I don't know how I'm gonna to get through that one but I had a mini anxiety attack after watching a video of it the other night! Another obstacle I'm not too excited about is one where you have to swim through an underwater obstacle in a massive glacier ice bath... so I'm really hoping it's sunny out that day!

And the last and most horrendous obstacle of the race is a called "Electroshock Therapy". This is where you have to run or crawl through a gauntlet of dangling wires, some of which are charged with up to 10,000 volts! I'm not too sure how they get away with this but I imagine the 4 page online waiver that I signed has something to do with it! I've watched a few videos of this as well and it looks absolutely crazy!!

Even though I'm a bit nervous, I think it's going to be a super fun day! Your entire team has to make it through each obstacle before you can move on to the next and you don't finish the race until every last one of your team members crosses the finish line. Your reward at the end... a sweet Tough Mudder headband, an ice cold pint of beer and a great bonding experience you'll never forget! 

I truly believe that you should do something that scares you at least once a year. Last year it was bunging jumping into what seemed like a bottomless canyon and this year it will be surviving Tough Mudder Vancouver!!
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