Training While Pregnant

May 18 2016

Marlaena is 37 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and she's still going strong!! She was pretty sick this time around and wasn't able to do much during the 1st half of the pregnancy. She's been feeling much better the past few months though and has been able to train consistently 2-3 days a week (on top of working a demanding full time job in the financial industry and caring for our 2 year old son Declan). She's a feisty woman who has been determined to maintain a respectful level of fitness throughout the preganancy and is very eager to get her body back into pre-baby shape!

Marlaena has been doing a variety of full body circuits combining cardio and general strength training. She mixes things up every workout and sets her tempo depending on how she's feeling that day. Below are a couple of her favorite circuits. And click here to check out all of our Fit Mom pre and post natal exercises!

Workout #1: 5 rounds:

Workout #2: 5 rounds:

Article by (Train Online)  |  May 18 2016

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