UFC 101: Declaration

August 09 2009


Did anyone watch the mixed martial arts clinic that was put on by Anderson Silva and BJ Penn last night in Philadelphia at UFC 101: Declaration?  Both fighters were victorious and both completely outclassed and dominated their respected opponents.  

Bj Penn looked great!  He came into the fight looking stronger and more defined than he has in the past.  He also seemed to be in far better condition for this fight because even as they were going in to the championship rounds, he still looked pretty fresh.  He was able to grind Kenny Florian down, pound him with elbows and punches, take his back and finish him off with a rear naked choke.  It was a very impressive win but nothing like the beating that Anderson Silva unleashed on Forrest Griffin.

Anderson Silva looked like Muhammad Ali in his prime last night and put a beating on Forrest Griffin that won't be forgotten by MMA fans for a very long time.  Silva absolutely dominated the entire fight and definitely proved beyond a doubt that he is the "pound for pound" best MMA fighter in the world!  He looked so relaxed during the fight and carried his hands at his waist and his chin in the air taunt to Griffin into a stand up brawl.  It worked and Silva's counterpunching, pin point accuracy, and devastating punching power proved too much for Griffin. He went down several times during the the fight and was unable to continue after being dropped a by a perfect right hand counter punch near the end of the first round.   Griffin was overwhelmed and totally outclassed. It's too bad because I really like him as a fighter and hope that he can come back from this loss.

Silva has now solidified himself as the King of the Octagon and I'm not sure who they will throw at him next.  Dan Henderson is next in line for a rematch but unless Hendo can bring something new to the table I don't think he has much of a chance of dethroning the King either!
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