What's 200 Calories?

January 28 2014

Have you ever wondered what a calorie was or what 200 calories looked like?

Check out the video below.

It gives you a great visual of what 200 calories can look like depending on the type of food you choose to eat. You can either have a big pile of nutrient dense produce or a dinky little nibble of something crappy!!

In the end a calorie is a calorie so the choice is yours... but it might make you think twice about ordering the Double Chocolate Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino (a whopping 590 cal BTW) the next time you're standing line at Starbucks!
Article by (Train Online)  |  January 28 2014

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This is a guest post by my friend Cristina who is an amateur figure competitor and also has her own personal training business called CW Physique.