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More fitness and nutrition stories from our blog archives.

Novice Strength Program

This is a 6 week beginner level program I put together for a client who is getting ready to compete in her 1st powerlifting meet.

New Year, New You!

Here are some simple, yet SUPER effective conditioning workouts that you can do At Home, On The Road, In Your Office or At The Gym.

Masters and Bikini Tall Champion

I would like to give a HUGE shoutout and congrats to my wife who came in 1st place in both the INBF Bikini Masters and Bikini Tall divisions.

Weight Loss Workout Routines

New Year's is right around the corner so it's time to start shedding the extra insulation you've been carrying this winter season.

Healthy Christmas Treats!

It's that special time of year again where we get together with loved ones, put our petty differences aside and embrace the holiday spirit!

The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

Researchers at McMaster University released a study last week revealing the "Holy Grail' of diet and exercise; How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle.

Training While Pregnant

Marlaena is 38 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and still going strong!!

Kettlebell Conditioning

The kettlebell is a simple piece of exercise equipment that can be found in most commercial gyms, community centers and local sporting good stores.

Get Back On Track!

Now that we're a couple of weeks into January and the turkey fog has lifted, it's time to get back on track and stick to those resolutions!

Healthy New Year Habits

Another year is upon us and with it, another chance to clean up our diets, get back on track and live a healthier, happier life!

Post Workout Nutrition

During an intense training session you're breaking down muscle tissue and depleting your glycogen stores so you need to get some carbs..

1st Bench Press Competition

I competed in my 1st bench press competition this weekend at the BCPA Fall Classic.

Better Body Composition

I've had a couple clients ask me recently if I could design a meal plan they could follow to help imrove body composition.

New Kicks!

I ordered Marlaena a new pair of kicks called the Reebok CrossFit Lite TR shoe and they are sweet!!

Reebok: Be More Human

I had a really cool opportunity a couple of months ago to be a part of a new Reebok commercial.

Obese To Beast

Meet John David Glaude. He's lost 160 pounds in the past couple years and he's got all the leftover skin to prove it.

My Supplement List

Now that summer's behind us it's time to pack up the beach chairs, put away the flip flops and get back in the gym.

Life Is A Challenge

Life is a series of challenges. The older we get, the more challenges we face. Whether it has to do with work, family, finances...

How to Build a BIGGER Butt!

I’ve been asked a few times over the years “How can I get a bigger butt?!?”. So girls (AND guys for that matter) if you want a bigger butt...

That's My Boy!

My son Declan is 6 months old now and he's finally big enough to fit in the baby carrier. Last weekend we did a workout together at the studio.

How Do You Poop?

I've had a subscription to Sirius sattelite radio for the past 5 years and usually have it tuned in to the Howard Stern show on my way to the gym.

Clean Up Your Diet

When I wasn't able to workout I found that I ended up having a few more cheats, which wasn't good!

Running Again

I got the "ok" from my doctor last week at our 4 month check-up to start running with Declan in the stroller.

Hugh Jackman Wolverine Workout

If you’ve seen any of the X-Men movies then you know Hugh Jackman packs on a ton of muscle mass and gets absolutely shredded.

Post Baby Butt & Tummy Toning

This is only my 2nd week back in the gym after having the baby so I’m still easing my way back into more challenging workouts.

The Comeback!

Yesterday was my 1st workout back after having my baby 10 weeks ago! I thought I'd start training sooner but my recovery took longer than I thought.

Learn To Lift

This past weekend, my training partner Jordy and I taught the very first session of a new weightlifting workshop we're running called Learn To Lift.

Rest and Recovery

Rest is one of the most important elements of an exercise program. The other two are consistent exercise and good eating habits.

Lower Body Warm-Up

A proper warm-up is really important and should be done before any training session or strenuous activity.


Everyone's heard of HITT but there's another form of interval training who's acronym never quite caught on the same called SMIT.

Never Too Old!

I train a gentleman named Mickey. He's 86 years young and we've been training together for over five years.

Training While Pregnant

It’s been a crazy ride and a pretty incredible experience. It has been so strange watching my body grow into something I didn’t think possible.

Pocket Hulk

My friend Candace aka "Pocket Hulk" competed in her second powerlifting competition on the weekend.

Plank Variations

Dan John wrote an article recently about three fitness tests that everyone should be able to pass. One of the tests is a 2 minute plank.

I Can't Do A Pull-Up!?!

The pull-up is one of the most effective upper body exercises that most people can't do... why?? Because they're hard!

What's 200 Calories?

Have you ever wondered what a calorie was or what 200 calories looked like? Check out this video, it gives you a great visual..

What's For Lunch?

This is a guest post by my friend Cristina who is an amateur figure competitor and also has her own personal training business called CW Physique.

Make The Shift

One of my clients gave me a book to read over the holidays called The Shift. The book follows GMA contributor Tory Johnson on her weight loss...

What's In Your Smoothie?

One of the best ways to get your year, week or day started off on the right track is to crush a BIG GREEN smoothie in the morning!

Prepping for the Snatch Test

Without a doubt the most intimidating part of prepping for the SFG cert is the impending snatch test on the last day of the course.

Get Your Rest

One of the hardest things I've had to learn over the years has been how much rest to take between workouts.

StrongFirst SFG

I was sore for days and it was a week before I was able to train again but I'm feeling much better now and happy the StrongFirst course is behind me.

1st Powerlifting Meet

A girl that I coach, Candace aka "Little Hulk", competed in her first powerlifting meet on the weekend.

StrongFirst Kettlebell Prep: Part 1

For the past couple months, Ben and I have been training for the StrongFirst SFG Kettlebell Certification.

Our Next Addition!

My beautiful wife and training partner Marlaena is pregnant! She is just passed 20 weeks and due at the beginning of March.

Dealing With Shoulder Pain

I've been dealing with chronic shoulder pain around my right AC joint for several months now...

New Protein Powder

I bought a new protein powder yesterday. It's called Natural Whey by Kaizen. It's a premium whey blend from New Zealand...

The Buzz on Bulletproof Coffee

You may have heard of a buttered coffee known as "Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee," a caffeinated concoction created and trademarked...

Smoothie Operator

My new Vitamix arrived in the mail last week and I've been having a lot of fun experimenting with some tasty new smoothie recipes!

Red Maca Root

I started taking red maca a few weeks ago. Maca is a small root vegetable from the Peruvian Andes...

5 Movements You Should Be Doing

If you're not too sure what to do at the gym or if you're pressed for time and need to squeeze in a quick workout then make sure to include...

It's Go Time!

I came across this article the other day and thought it was pretty awesome! Ray Clark definitely proves that it's never too late to get started...


One of my best friends and training partners, Jeremy Van Mont Foort, passed away this past weekend. He was 38 years old.

SportsKids of the Year

Connor is only 9 years old and his younger brother Cayden is 7. Cayden has a condition called hypertonic cerebral palsy...

Interval Timer

If you’re looking for a cool interval timer this new year then you need to get a Gymboss.

New Years Resolutions

Not too sure what your resolution should be this year? Here are a few suggestions to help get the new year started off on the right foot!

NCCP Weightlifting Coach

My training partner Jordy and I attended a weightlifting course last weekend and we're now officially NCCP Level 1 Weightlifting Club Coaches!

Vertical Farming

Urban gardening has become quite popular over the years in backyards and community rooftop gardens...

East Van Barbell

Marlaena, my friend Jordan and I have started a barbell club at CrossFit Vancouver, where we all train. It's called the East Van Barbell Club...

Get Your Medicine

Coach Martin Rooney talks about something that doesn't get brought up often enough, the importance of sleep!

Omnivore Shopping List

I came across this Shopping List For Omnivores the other day and had to share it...

Starting Strength

I'm going to start a new strength training program this week. It's not going to be anything too complicated...

Sample Meal Plans

I've had a few members ask me recently if I could put together a couple of sample meal plans and post them on the site.

Nutts Cup 2012

Marlaena, my friend Jordy and I competed in the third annual Nutts Cup last weekend...

Pre-Workout Snacks

Proper nutrition is incredibly important, especially before a workout!

Congrats Christine

Huge congratulations to Canadian weightlifter, Christine Girard, who won the bronze medal in the 63kg weight division...

An Amazing Feat

Chris Moon, who lost his right leg and hand in a land mine explosion in the mid-nineties, became the first amputee to...

Our 1st Harvest

We were able to cash in and harvest our first crop of the season!

Survived the Mudder

We did the Tough Mudder this past Saturday and I have to admit that it was pretty damn tough!

Home Grown Produce

I posted this picture up on the TWMO Facebook page the other week because I think it's one of the coolest "kitchen appliances" I've ever seen!

Spartan Race

Marlaena and I are doing the Tough Mudder next month so we decided to do another race called the Spartan Race...

WrestleMania in Mexico

We just got back from Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico where my partner George got married to his beautiful new bride.

Canada West Regionals

Marlaena and I were part of the CrossFit Vancouver team that competed at the Canada West Regionals this past weekend.

Burn More Fat

Here are a few simple ways to naturally boost your metabolism so you can burn more calories throughout the day and get yourself...

Naked Fran

One of the coaches I train with at CrossFit Vancouver, Corey Lapell, is embarking on a "Where In The World Is Fran?"

Happy Easter

I hope you all have an AMAZING long weekend and get a chance to enjoy some good food and good times with family and friends!

Tough Mudder

So Marlaena and I are officially signed up for the Tough Mudder race this Summer in Whistler, B.C. We're doing it with a bunch of...

Movement and Mobility

Marlaena and I were down in Seattle this past weekend to attend the CrossFit Movement and Mobility course.

Personal Trainer

I thought this poster was absolutely hilarious and incredibly accurate!!

Wheat Belly

I mentioned in my last post that I read the book Wheat Belly over the holidays to help motivate me to give up wheat and go completely...

Gluten Free

So my New Year's resolutions for 2012 were no alcohol and no gluten for 10 weeks...

Grilled Salmon and Wild Rice

Marlaena and I were fortunate enough to go fishing last summer off the coast of Vancouver Island to a place called Sunshine Bay Resort.

The Tabata Protocol

Now that Winter has arrived and the temperatures are starting to drop, it becomes more difficult to train outdoors. Yes, you can run all year round...

CBC Culture Days

I was part of a really fun kettlebell demonstration last Friday. A few friends and I were invited to do a “fitness segment”...

CrossFit Powerlifting Course

We went down to Lynnwood, Washington last weekend to attend the CrossFit...

WKC Fitness Trainer

I was in Edmonton, Alberta this past weekend for the WKC (World Kettlebell Club) Fitness Trainer course and I am now officially...

Nutts Cup 2011

Marlaena, my friend Jordan and I competed in our first CrossFit competition last weekend. It was the second annual Nutts Cup...

Whistler Bungee

Marlaena and I got married last week.. yay for us!!

Gourmet Nutrition

I ordered a new cookbook awhile back and finally received it in the mail the other day!

Never Let Go

I just finished reading a great book and would definitely recommend...

Canada West Regionals

Marlaena and I volunteered this past weekend at the Canada West Regionals for the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games.

Russian Kettlebell Challenge

I successfully completed the Russian Kettlebell Challenge and am now a certified RKC instructor!

The Paleo Solution

While we were away last month I had a chance to read a few books. One of the books was called The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf.

Back from Thailand

Marlaena and I just got back after a couple of weeks traveling through Thailand. It was an amazing trip and we stayed on some...

CrossFit Olympic Lifting

Marlaena and I went down to Sumner, Washington this past weekend to attend the CrossFit Olympic Lifting seminar.

New Deadlift PB's

Marlaena and I both hit new deadlift personal bests last month! I finally broke the 400 plateau with a 405 lb. lift...

GRIPAD Lifting Gloves

I came across an ad on Facebook a couple months ago for a company that makes...


Train With Me Online was featured on the CBC news this past weekend. The reporter, Theresa Lalonde, who covers the tech/online...

Sample Meal Plan

I’ve received a few emails this new year asking me about diet and weight loss so I figured I’d post a couple sample meal plans that’ll..

Strong Enough

I just finished reading a really good book over the holidays called “Strong Enough?” by Mark Rippetoe

Happy Holidays

Wow.. I can't believe that another year is coming to an end already. It blows me away how fast time seems to fly by!

CrossFit Level 1 Certification

I took the CrossFit Level 1 certification last weekend, passed the test and got certified!

Amazing Video Clip

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile but I've been super busy the past few weeks working on some new updates for the website...

CrossFit Gymnastics Certification

Marlaena and I attended an awesome gymnastics certification this past weekend. It was so much fun and something...

Mar's Gymnastics

I had torn my hands apart pretty badly a few times while doing pull-ups at CrossFit and decided to get some grips from Phoenix Gymnastics.

CrossFit Endurance Course

Mar and I were in Edmonton over the weekend for a 2 day CrossFit specialty course. It was was hosted by CrossFit Lineage.

Exercise Science Seminar

Marlaena, my training partner Jordan and I attended an exercise science seminar this past weekend at CrossFit Vancouver.

The Barbell Deadlift

The barbell deadlift is a definite must in any well balanced fitness program. It's an incredibly functional movement that we...

Charles Staley Seminar

I was feeling a little sore when I got out of bed this morning but I kind of figured that might happen. Marlaena and I went to an Olympic...

Fight Football League

Has anyone else ever heard of the FFL? A friend of mine sent me a link the website the other day and I could hardly believe my eyes!

This Kid Is Amazing

You have to check out this video clip of the world's strongest six year old...

Mark Bittman

I came across this video the other day and thought that I'd share with the rest of the members on the site.

Cirque De Soleil's Kooza

Marlaena and I went to see the new Cirque De Soleil show Kooza last weekend and it was fantastic!

Dynamax Medicine Balls

I recently bought a couple of new Dynamax medicine balls and all I can say is.. AWESOME!

Pavel Workshop

Marlaena and I were in Seattle last weekend for a workshop with Pavel Tsatsouline who is the founder of the RKC...

8 Year Old Clean & Jerk

With a population well over a billion people I know China has a much bigger gene pool to draw from but this is getting a bit ridiculous!

CrossFit Certification

I just completed and PASSED my level one CrossFit certification course! It was a pretty intense 2 day course that was hosted...

TWMO On TV Again

Train With Me Online made it on t.v. again! We were featured on a show called Digital Life with Shelly Palmer on NY Nonstop...

Another Tabata Interval

Here's another Tabata interval that Marlaena and I filmed at the gym last weekend using her new GymBoss Interval Timer.

CrossFit Vancouver BBQ

We went to a BBQ last weekend down at CrossFit Vancouver. It was the first annual "Nutt's Cup" in memory of Andrew Nuttall...

Tabata Fat Burner Interval

Marlaena and I were at the gym over the weekend and started filming a series of different interval workouts using...

Sweet Summer Salad

We're going to a BBQ tomorrow afternoon at CrossFit Vancouver to kick off the Summer and I thought I'd share the recipe for the...

Happy Meal Anyone

Grandmother and nutrition enthusiast, Joann Bruso, decided to do a little "at-home" science experiment...

Mr Pull-Up

Seaman Jason Armstrong from the U.S. Navy broke three pull-up world records this past Monday in honor of Memorial day.

MMA Massacre

I normally wouldn't write about something so gruesome but I'm still trying to wrap my head around this one.. it's almost too crazy to believe!

Mar's Kettlebell Adventure

Marlaena and I went back to Seattle this past weekend to do some one on one training with RKC Team Leader Andrea U-Shi Chang...

My new Kettlebell DVD's

I just received a couple of new kettlebell DVD's and books in the mail and I'm super stoked to get started on them!

CrossFit Intro

So my training partner Jordy and I have started on our CrossFit journey! We completed our introductory session (the first of ten) with Patty...

Under Armour Compression Gear

Have you ever seen a football player or a mixed martial arts fighter soak in a giant ice bath at the end of an intense training session?

TWMO in Costa Rica

Marlaena and I were lucky enough to travel to Costa Rica a couple of weeks ago and while we were there we filmed some...


Last week Train With Me Online got its first little taste of television exposure when we were featured on a morning show...

HardStyle KettleBell Certification

I went down to Seattle this past weekend to attend a Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification workshop. The workshop was held at the Kettlebility...

Vancouver 2010

So we're one week into the 2010 Winter Olympics and I have to say that so far, it has been such an awesome experience!

2010 Indoor Rowing Champions

A few of the trainers at the studio that I train out of entered an indoor rowing championship this past weekend and...

Another Great Marketing Scam

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk on a couple of upside down miniature Bosu's? Well now you can find out with Reebok's...

Team Hoyt

I came across this article again the other day and thought I'd share it with anyone that hasn't yet heard of the inspirational story of Team Hoyt.

Happy New Year

I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and thank you all again for your continued support this past year!

My First Half Marathon

I completed my first half marathon on the weekend in Vegas... it was a great experience! They shut down the entire Las Vegas...

Eating Nuts and Losing Weight

You probably know that nuts are high in fat. Because they are very energy-dense...

I Won A Very Tough Fight

I won my boxing fight the other night via 3rd round TKO. It was a really hard fight and I fought an incredibly tough guy from Vancouver Island, B.C.

Made Weight For My Boxing Fight

I'm boxing again tomorrow night for the first time in over 15 years. It has been a lot of hard work and a very long...

Donald Trump Selling Vitamins

Donald Trump is hoping to further expand his global empire by teaming up with Ideal Health, a nutritional products company, and creating a new co...

Changing My Training

So I decided to switch up my training program a couple of months ago and really focus on improving my overall conditioning.

Food Inc Review

So I finally got a chance to sit down and watch Food, Inc. For those of you who haven't heard of it yet, Food, Inc.

10 Healthier Food Alternatives

Here is a list of 10 simple and easy food swaps that you can make to clean up your diet and help you shed some of those stubborn pounds!

Jillian Michaels Extreme Fat Burner

I just found out today that Jillian Michaels, one of the trainers from the NBC show "The Biggest Loser" is now promoting her own line of...

Eat Meat Stay Lean

I came across this list of a few simple things you can do to make your red meat a little leaner. It seems like a lot of common sense to me but...

Simple Solution For Tennis Elbow

Have you ever suffered from tennis elbow? I've had it a few times over the years and I can tell you that it is absolutely brutal!

Paul James Weight Gain Experiment

Have a look at this video link that my client sent me this morning from ABC News (please forgive the commercial at the beginning, it's worth...

UFC 101: Declaration

Did anyone watch the mixed martial arts clinic that was put on by Anderson Silva and BJ Penn last night in Philadelphia at...

Cajun Buffalo Burgers

Since it's another scorching hot day in Vancouver, B.C. I figured I'd post up another great barbeque recipe that I tried out last night.

Hydroxycut Supplements Recalled

One of my clients passed this article on to me from the New York Times and I thought that I should share it with any one who...

What is Periodization

I've had a few people ask me about periodization lately so I thought I'd write up a brief summary of what periodization is...

Some More Tasty Skewers for the BBQ

Here's another great barbeque recipe I came across on epicurious. I tried them out last night and they were amazing!

6 Great Reasons To Exercise

Do yo need a little extra motivation to help get you in shape this Summer? Well while you're sweating away...

Putting On Some Size

If anybody out there is looking to put on a little bit of size this summer then check out this article I found on t-muscle magazine.

Some Tasty Summertime Skewers

Here's a great summertime recipe for all you meat lovers out there! ;)

Elite Athletes and Bad Hips

Why do so many elite level athletes like Alex Rodriguez, Carlos Delgado, Vincent Lecavalier and Rick DiPietro suffer serious hip injuries?

Glaucoma Study Shows Risk For Weight Lifters

Recent studies have shown there is an increase in intraocular pressure (IOP) for weightlifters while exercising...

Not So Freshly Squeezed

So I've always loved an ice cold glass of orange juice and my favorite brand is definitely Tropicana with Lots of Pulp!

The Truth About Bottled Water

I just finished watching this hilarious movie from Penn and Teller about the bottled water industry. The Truth About Bottled Water...

Exposing the Evils of the Food Industry

There is a really interesting movie coming out this Summer that exposes the evil underbelly of the food industry.

The Wolverine Work-Out

Check out this video interview with Hugh Jackman's personal trainer, Michael Ryan.

Train With Me Online on YouTube

A short video of a pretty challenging core circuit that I made for the TWMO YouTube page.

A great side salad for the upcoming BBQ season

This dish is sensational with barbecued pork or grilled sausages or salmon. A spicy honey-mustard dressing is the salad's perfect finishing touch.

Gym Etiquette

Make sure that you show up to the gym wearing appropriate clothing. You want to be comfortable but still be wearing athletic gear...

Men in fitness need an audience

I came across this Belgian commercial the other day. Enjoy!

The Power of Protein

Protein needs of athletes have received considerable attention in recent years...

The 5 Best Tools To Keep You on Track

Below are 5 of the best tracking tools to help keep you focused, positive and striving towards your goals!

Strength Training - Keep It Simple

Here are a few tips to help keep your training more consistent, effective and simple.

Ten Of The Worst Eating Habits

People starve themselves during the day and then usually over eat at night...