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Hi Ben

I have a client that has no cartridge in his right knee. Do you have any suggestions as to how to strengthen his quads without hurting his knee? He is doing the leg press now and that is working fine, but I would really appreciate other ideas.


December 08, 2013 | Login to Respond
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Ben Says:
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Hey Mary!

Here are a few other exercise suggestions.

Sit Stand on Bench
Low Step-ups
Ball Squats
Glute Bridges
Kettlebell Deadlift

I would stay away from anything high impact (high step-up/down, walking lunges) or anything that might compromise the stability of the knee joint (i.e. lateral movements, single leg exercises).

I just finished filming a new 3x/week program called Senior Fit that will be ready in the New Year! It is a circuit based program that contains low impact exercises that are safe for the aging population.

I hope that helps, cheers!
December 10, 2013
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Nashvilleguy Says:
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I have really bad knees and have been able to feel less pain in them by building the muscle up. I did this by slowly walking up and down hills in a controlled manner so that I am not hitting the ground with high impact. The slow motion builds the stabilizer muscles and the low impact prevents addition pain from occurring.
January 21, 2014
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2KLiKs Says:
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Since I am graduating into the "aging population" (just turned 60), I'm looking forward to the Senior work out video...
I like your idea Nashville, I haven't thought of it before but thinking on your comment I'll check it out.
January 27, 2014